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Please read before you make decisions about buying akitten!!

Kittens that are born in our house from the first hours of life have constant contact with humans, once they become members of our human-feline family, and so they are treated. There are strange sounds their daily activities, are not afraid of people or car.
Are fed the appropriate food for their needs such as wet and dry. Leave us in no time prior to when they complete 12 weeks of age - 3 months, because by that time shapes the character of the kitten, and then needs the presence of the mother. There are 2x dewormed and vaccinated 2x (second vaccine is against leukemia, among others), taught cleanliness, the use of cat toilet
and scratcher.When leaving our home, each kitten gets his pedigree and a health book, people who until now have had no contact with cats with long hair, get preliminary information on how to cultivate such a cat and all the assurance of the council serve at any time.

Deciding to buy a kitten, remember that the responsibility for a longer period of time, since cats can live and 20 years.

Therefore, for our kittens we are looking very good, loving and responsible houses.

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OPTION - someone is interested in me, but to ask you
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