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About Us

"To a man does not think that is perfect and that he had no illusions that zbratał with God that all his animals will be bowed and recognize that it is he is the master of the world - so that the man fell into a self-admiration that knew how lame is the essence of the commandments God gave him, reason and conscience, and when that did not work then created a cat. "
Francis J. Klimek "To a man he had no illusions"

We are a small kennel, located on the South Wales near Swansea, our cats are treated like members of our family.
On our first Maine Coon been waiting almost 20 years, always on the way home to recover from roofers were placed. Only in 2008, came to us Libertas red cat, and so fulfilled a dream.
Kennel name comes from a fascination Scandinavia, its culture and country. Kultainen mean in Finnish gold, and the name of this because we love cats in all shades of red

Constant medical care of our cats has
Vet. Sabina Wiencek and medicine. Vet. Barbara Slapka.

cattery is registered with the Cat Club Feniks Poland
under the patronage of Felis Polonia, FIFe