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21 April 2016
We have new babies !!!!!
After Emanuelle Alterhouse*Pl and Aave Kultainen*Pl  born 6 kittens - 1 red boy, 2 white girls and 3 white boys.

16 November 2015
Were born kittens cream, white and red after 2  mothers Gyda nad Flora

22 April 2015
Were born kittens cream solid and white after of pair Aave Kultainen*Pl and Gyda Kultainen*Pl.


7 April 2013
Yesterday were born kittens rude and white after of pair Aave Kultainen*Pl and Flora Hagne*Pl. Soon more information and photos.

16 April 2012

10 April were born one white kitten on Libertas and CH Diament Antonida*PL, more information in kittens soon.

20 February 2012

16 February, kittens were born on our white girl Aamu and SC Association Halifax Bis * PL, more information in kittens.

10 January 2012
The friendly kennel Tiger City *PL my kittens are born white girl after our Annikki Kultainen * Pl, photos soon we invite you to visit.

28 September 2011

Oriana and Angel new photos from the show in Opole.